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Digital Cable Box Hook Up

HIGH DEFINITION Cable Box to HDTV with VCR/DVD Recorder.

Note: Recording High Definition TV shows - standard VCRs record on magnetic tape at 250 lines of resolution and cannot record High Definition TV shows, only standard definition. High Definition TV shows are 720 or 1080 lines of resolution. DVD is a standard definition format at 480 lines of resolution and until recordable High-Def DVD is available, possibly in 2009, you also cannot record High Definition TV shows on a DVD recorder, only in standard definition. Some DVD recorders will output an upconverted signal to your HDTV which comes close to 720 or 1080 for viewing purposes but cannot record to a recordable disc in HD. A DVR designed for High Definition recording can record to a hard disk in HD format. There are also D-VHS or digital VHS VCRs capable of recording in HD but these devices are not generally available.

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